Be Yourself       the World will adjust

Be Yourself - the world will adjust

Even if the world does not happen to adjust,

still Be Yourself.

When we truly love ourselves                  

               we are free from any need to fit in.


Don’t CLING To Mistakes



Don't ruin a good day today thinking about a bad day yesterday. Let it go.

Don’t let The Future be ruined by regrets of The Past!


Don't clink to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it.

Don’t Cling to a Mistake
just because you spent a lot of Time making it.


When you complain, you make yourself a victim. Leave the situation, change the situation, or accept it.

Don’t Complain –

leave the situation, change the situation, or accept it.


Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. It's always your choice.

Be Miserable – or Motivate yourself,

it’s always Your Choice.



We All Have Two Lives.

The Second One Begins When

You Realise You Only Have One.

Tom Hiddleston


Help someone who will never be able to repay you
You Have Not Lived A Perfect Day, Unless …


You Have Never Really Lived
Until You Have Done Something
For Someone That Can Not Repay You.

Wonderful, No Waiting

“How wonderful it is that

nobody need wait a single moment

before starting to improve the world”

Written by Anne Frank


no wait time
now is a wonderful time to do something to help the world
start your day with a smile and it will then spread merry happiness


smile all of the time


!!  Do Not Delay HAPPINESS  !!
–= Just SMILE Now =–